What exactly is Dungeon A Day? It’s your key to a daily dose of fantasy adventure—a new encounter delivered every weekday of the year.

Awesome Encounters

Dungeon A Day delivers you a creative, engaging RPG encounter every weekday—that’s five encounters a week, 52 weeks a year. And we’re not talking a couple of orcs and a bag of silver pieces, either. Dungeon A Day encounters are challenging, unique, and inspiring—the type of encounters that get your GM heartbeat thumping and keep your players delving back for more.

Combat encounters. Puzzles and traps. Mysteries. Roleplaying opportunities. Moral conundrums. Dungeon A Day gives you something meaty every time, penned by some of the craftiest designers in the game industry.

Along with your new encounter daily, you get access to every encounter devised since the site was opened. That’s over 500 cool encounters—and growing daily!

Great Gaming

Dungeon A Day encounters don’t happen in a vacuum. They link to create cool and innovative dungeon levels that can be used as individual dungeons or strung together form larger dungeons brought to life through a variety of plots and subplots that weave the levels together.

The first 500+ encounters created the megadungeon Dragon’s Delve—20 levels plus a number of side-treks, all building toward an epic showdown. Dead gods. Insane arch-mages. Medusa cults. Hidden cities trapped within bizarre artifacts. All these elements and more drive the players through an entire campaign that culminates in an ancient dragon’s attempt to attain godhood.

But Dragon’s Delve is just the first 500 encounters. And any one of its levels—indeed, any given encounter—can be easily transplanted to a different dungeon or setting in your campaign world.

The Power of the Web

Dungeon A Day takes full advantage of the web’s unique format. Encounters are cross-linked to one another as needed, as well as to game rules and monster stats. Maps are tagged—click on a room to go right to its encounter—and some levels even feature 3D video walk-throughs, to cite a few examples.

Even better, the open-ended nature of a web page doesn’t have the space constraint of a printed product, so our designers never have to cut their great ideas to fit them onto a page. You get more detail and information in each encounter than a printed product could ever allow.

Want an example? An average Dungeon A Day level in PDF is 35 pages, covering (typically) around 25 encounters. Can you imagine a print product devoting a page and a half to every single encounter? And we don’t waste those words: This is good stuff, full of atmosphere and description, interesting challenges, and pure inspiration!

(And on the subject of PDFs, if you prefer a more conventional format our levels are also available to subscribers in PDF format.)

Powered by Your Game

Dungeon A Day provides mechanics for the d20 System and Pathfinder. (Some of the early encounters, created before Pathfinder was published, don’t have Pathfinder stats—but we’re in the process of getting them caught up!) That’s handy if you play those games, but truthfully, Dungeon A Day isn’t about BAB or THAC0 or encounter powers—it’s about clever and inspiring encounter design, whatever your system. And system-specific mechanics are only a tiny part of the content. Whatever your game, we deliver you inspiration and great ideas at pennies per encounter. An incredible deal, even if its bring-your-own-stats!

Brilliant Minds

All of this is brought to you by some of the industry’s most innovative designers, according to standards set by 3rd edition’s Monte Cook, the founder of Dungeon-a-Day. Incredible, inspiring encounter, level, and dungeon design (along with the odd side-trek outside the dungeon environment) delivered to you daily!

What Are You Waiting For?

A subscription to Dungeon A Day gives you a new encounter every weekday, plus access to the hundreds that have already been posted—all for the cost of a couple of conventional, printed adventures. Whether your characters are 2nd level or 17th, there’s something cool for your campaign. Subscriptions are available on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. So sign up now, or delve a little deeper and learn a bit more about how this innovative web site works!

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  • Join Now: Convinced? Go straight to our signup page and get started today!

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