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Super Genius Games to manage and run subscription based website

August 06, 2010 (SAN DIEGO, CA and MILWAUKEE, WI) – Super Genius Games announced today that it has signed an agreement with Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition designer, Monte Cook, to manage and further develop the ground breaking web portal Starting September 1, 2010, Super Genius Games will handle the day to day design and management of the content on the site, using plans developed by Monte Cook, and updating the content to be compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game published by Paizo Publishing.

“When Monte approached us with the offer it was initially daunting, but after talking to the other Geniuses, we knew this was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up,” said Stan!, Creative Director for Super Genius Games.

Monte Cook said “When it time came to step back from I knew I needed the right partner to step in and take over. After giving it a lot of thought the Geniuses were at the top of my list.”

“ is a unique and exciting gaming product.” said Super Genius Pathfinder Development Manager Owen K.C. Stephens. “It combines outstanding traditional game content with the richness of the Web, creating an entirely new way to use a product as big and complex as the Dragon’s Delve mega-dungeon.”

Released in spring 2009, the ENnie nominated offers a new dungeon encounter for members every weekday, building a whole dungeon campaign one day at a time. The dungeon encounters are usable in any campaign setting, and GMs can pick and choose encounters from the daily updates to use in their own dungeons or use them together with all the other information available on the site to create a massive dungeon-based campaign called Dragon’s Delve. Although it may appear to start out like a fairly conventional dungeon, as you get deeper the full scope of the adventure and the unique challenges become more and more apparent. Discover the Aberrant Laboratory, the Sprawl of the Demon Liege, the Prison of the Red Saint, the Secret City, and the Court of the Dragon Prince!

For more information and a free sneak peak at, please visit

About Super Genius Games
Founded in fall 2007 by game industry veterans Hyrum Savage and Stan!, Super Genius Games is the premier publisher of 3rd Party Pathfinder Roleplaying Game products and is dedicated to publishing quality PDF and print products for a wide range of games and game systems.

About Monte Cook
Monte has been involved in rpg design for more than 20 years. Although he started gaming with D&D, he got his start professionally working on ICE’s game, Rolemaster, and then Champions. Years later, he worked for TSR and then Wizards of the Coast as a senior game designer. He co-designed 3rd edition D&D, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, Book of Vile Darkness, Dead Gods, Planewalker’s Handbook, Labyrinth of Madness, and a number of other official D&D products.

In 2001, Monte started Malhavoc Press with editor and co-owner Sue Cook. Together, they published products like Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, the Books of Eldritch Might, and the ultra-deluxe Ptolus.

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