The Genius Guide to 110 Spell Variants Volume 3

September 22nd, 2011 No Comments

When it comes to magic, more choices are always better!

ghost step variation on feather step. A jester’s jail variant of fool’s forbiddance. A version of campfire wall that protects an entire barony. Small changes to a spell—an alteration in target, duration, casting time, energy type, or so on—can greatly affect its theme, its atmosphere, and its appropriateness to different classes, giving you something with a fresh feel, but without inventing new spells from the ground up.

Although a vast number of spells are available in the game’s core rulebooks, many GMs and players have an insatiable desire for more options. In many cases it’s not necessary to create new spell options from scratch, since a few minor changes to an existing spell can create something with a very different feel or impact on game play. Following up the variants in the highly successful The Genius Guide to 110 Variant Spells and The Genius Guide to Another 110 Variant Spells, the 110 spell variants in this tome are based on the idea that you can make a lot of different effects by making minor changes to how a spell works, by combining effects of multiple spells, or by mixing a spell and magic item or even a class ability.

  • Pathfinder and OGL compatible
  • 14 pages
  • $4.99
  • Designed by Owen K.C. Stephens
  • September 2011
  • Available at the Paizo store, DriveThru RPG, and RPGNow

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