We Love the Dungeon

Here at Dungeon A Day we love us some dungeon! Don’t get us wrong: Dungeon A Day is a bit of a misnomer—there’s a lot more than just dungeon encounters. Crumbling ruins. Towns. Outdoor encounters. Even an entire city sealed within a mysterious artifact.

But “dungeon” is in the name, and the dungeon is in our blood. Dungeon A Day was founded by master dungeon designer (and D&D 3rd Edition architect Monte Cook)—you may have heard of his Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil, to name just one. All of Dungeon A Day’s designers—among the best in the business—continue in that tradition.

Who Is Dungeon A Day For?

Well, it’s for you, if you fit into any one of these categories.

You’re a fan of dungeons. Particularly old-school dungeons. Dungeon A Day embraces the original idea of the dark, mysterious, and dangerous dungeon being the centerpiece of a campaign.

You just dig a daily dose of inspiration. Dungeon A Day gives you a clever, meaty, challenging, and inspiring full-length roleplaying encounter every weekday of the year. Even if you never run the adventures as written, you’re sure to find yourself constantly inspired, with ideas that will find their way into your game.

You’re a GM who likes the idea of using fully realized technology to make running a game easier. Follow links from one room to another, to an evolving glossary of characters, creatures, locations, and items, and even to game rules.

You want to have direct input into a big dungeon adventure and access to its creators. Members of dungeonaday.com get to provide feedback on what they see and input into what comes next.

You’re interested in a big adventure, but might get a little intimidated in diving in to a huge, 20-level monstrosity. With Dungeon A Day, you can get in on the ground floor, read only a little each day, and watch as it’s built. You can use as much or as little as you need.

You’re interested in game design or dungeon design. If you’re a gamer who likes to know the thinking behind encounter and adventure design, you’ll love the ongoing discussion in the Dungeon A Day blog and forums that provides GM tips and examines the why the dungeon works the way it does. You’ll find it not only helps you use the material provided, it will help you when you create your own material in the future.

You’re a Pathfinder fan. The staff of Super Genius Games are working on updating the dungeon to give you what you need to use everything on the site with Pathfinder, and many other Pathfinder fans offer advice and conversions as well.

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