Genius Week In Review (12-19-09)

December 20th, 2009 No Comments

It’s been another busy week at Super Genius Games. We released THREE new products this week, recorded some podcast appearances, and spent a good deal of time working on upcoming material. This taking over the world thing is a tough business!

Just when you were probably getting used to us having a product a week hit the market, we went and TRIPLED your expectations. This week we released two new Pathfinder products plus a new adventure for Call of Cthulhu. You can pick any of them up via Paizo, Drive Thru RPG, or RPGNow.

Loot 4 Less, vol. 2: Pretty, Pretty Rings: The second volume in our massively popular Loot 4 Less line features a collection of permanently enchanted magic rings, all of which cost no more than 2,500 gp. More ways to outfit your low level Pathfinder characters and make them feel more individualized and heroic even at 1st level.

The Forgotten Tomb of Felgar the Goblin King: The second of our One Night Stand adventures gives you everything you need for an evening of Pathfinder RPG fun — the adventure (of course), full-scale map tiles for the entire complex, GM reference material, and cut-and-tape standees for all the monsters.

Snows of an Early Winter: Our latest officially licensed Call of Cthulhu product, this time an adventure set in modern day New York. It’s the last week before an important city-wide election and strange things are starting to happen, not that most New Yorkers ever look up long enough to notice. Written by Lou Agresta (remember that name, you’ll be seeing MORE great things from Lou in the future, I assure you) this adventure is perfect for a couple of cozy winter nights around the gaming table investigating things that voters were not meant to know!

There’s a really great podcast that comes out twice a month from Moonstew Productions, it’s called RPG Countdown and if you’re not listening to it, you really should be. We’ve been lucky enough to get a product or two onto the show in the past, but this week we were shocked to find out that FOUR of the top ten products were from the Super Genius catalog! This as the show is INCREASING the number of sources it uses to generate the list. Want to know the details? Swing by and check out this week’s show … and subscribe while you’re there. It really is a terrific listen, even when our books AREN’T in the mix.

Speaking of top ten lists, SGG again had four products on the “Top Downloads from Other Companies” review, two on Drive Thru RPG‘s Hottest Small Press list, and five in RPGNow‘s Hottest Pathfinder Products list.

Any publisher loves to see positive reviews of their products, and we’ve been lucky enough to have a good share of them over the past few weeks. (Check out the feedback section of the PDF sales sites and you’ll see.) But this week we had two very gratifying reviews from OUTSIDE sources.

First, posted a thoughtful review of After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam.

Second, episode #126 of Game Geeks went up on YouTube, and it’s devoted to reviewing Strike Force 7–Savaged!. I have to admit that we knew in advance that this was coming … and we were a little nervous. Kurt Wiegel doesn’t pull any punches in his reviews … and as much as we love SF7, I know that our perceptions are a bit biased. It came as a great relief and provided a gush of pride to hear him say such overall positive things about it.

Besides the mini-plugs for RPG Countdown, we also recorded an interview for the next episode of Atomic Array, due to be released on next Friday (that’s Christmas Day for those of you who don’t have a calendar handy). So when you’re stuffed full of turkey or ham or Chinese food or just your usual Friday meal … check it out nearly a full hour devoted
to Snows of an Early Winter and other Genius products.

That’s it for this week. We’ve got more coming up next week including our usual Pathfinder goodness and a holiday-themed surprise. Check back if you need a break from all that family togetherness and holiday cheer.

And from all of us here at Super Genius Games, whatever holidays you call your own, may you and your loved ones have an especial time of peace, health, prosperity, and most of all happiness.


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